Your Mother and I (2019) - Producer
10-year-old Neil has a great life and a whole lot of charisma. His parents love him endlessly, and his best friend, Audrey, is basically the Robin to his Batman (if Batman and Robin were cool). But minutes after Neil and Audrey get his parents' wedding tape stuck in the beta player, his parents share some news - they're getting divorced.
Neil is convinced he's stuck in a dream. That's the only way to explain a coincidence THIS big. The only way to wake up, it seems, is to fix the tape, so Neil recruits Audrey's help, and the two set out on a doomed-to-fail mission to do just that. I produced this short comedy set in the 1970s, managing an intensely expensive period piece, recruited volunteer extras, and managed both Toronto and Hamilton-based production units.
Milton Film Festival 2020
Forest City Film Festival 2020
Hamilton Film Festival 2020
North Bay Film Festival 2020
Chilliwack Independent Film Festival 2020
Ryerson University FIlm Festival, 2019:
People’s Choice
Best Screenplay
Best Sound Design
HSBC Filmmaker Award
Forest City Film Festival, 2020
Best Short Film - Nominee
Hamilton Film Festival, 2020
Best Student Film - Nominee

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